Sidecar Special: Bottle Shop

This week we are excited to launch our bottle shop, providing a selection of craft beers and ciders for you to take home!  We're fully stocked with bottles from south London based brewery Orbit beers, who have been brewing their beer locally since 2014 and offer a delicious range of unique beers.  Our beers and ciders can be pre-ordered online for collection, or in person at Sidecar.

Bottle Shop Menu:


Orbbit NICO larger  £4.50

Pours pale golden. Fragrant herbal hop aroma with lemon citrus and green apple notes. Light on the palate, a touch of bready maltiness, with more assertive hop character. The crisp bitterness makes it eminently drinkable. Look for the pear drop notes from the distinctive Kölsch yeast.

Orbbit IVO pale ale £4.50

Lovely golden colour with tropical guava, peach, pine and light citrus on the nose & the palate. Intensely hoppy, with oats for a smooth mouthfeel, & a dry bitter finish. Best enjoyed fresh.

Orbbit Seven Double Brown Stout £6.00

A London stout, loosely based on a 19th century style. Generously hopped with Bramlin X. Decadent, rich & fruity, with chocolate, coffee & treacle notes.

Seasonal Orbbit  £4.50

Lichtenhainer is a 3.8% smoky and lightly sour pale beer from the Thuringia area of Germany, an obscure and esoteric beer-style that almost completely disappeared during the 20th century.

Orbbit Lockdown Town APA £4.50

A classic west coast style pale ale, hopped with Centennial and Citra, brewed specially for One Records Presents 'Lockdown Town'.


Turner Elderflower cider  £4.75

Lightly sparkling, fruity and floral, naturally sweetened with elderflower syrup. Unfiltered.

Crafty Apple £4.50

Brimming with juicy flavour from a blend of 3 well known Herefordshire apple. Known for its butterscotch and toffee notes.

Hawkes - Dead & Berried £4.75

Strawberry, raspberry and blueberry fuse in juicy layers. Smooth bodied with a textured palate and a natural delicate sweetness.

Hawkes - Urban Orchard £4.50  

Two worlds collide in our classic medium dry cider made from a unique blend of London-pressed country apples. Crafted to deliver a smooth and harmonious body with a complex and rich texture on the palate, all complemented by a crisp, dry wine-like finale.

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